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The haunting cry of the Fish Eagle is an iconic African sound and constant reminder of abundant life, not only on the ground, but also in the sky and water. A breeding pair of Fish Eagles has nested along the Breede River near the winery since 1995. Since then, visitors to Van Loveren have been treated to regular sightings of these magnificent raptors swooping to prey on fish in the river.

It is thanks to a wealth of birdlife like this that Van Loveren has earned a reputation as the best birding spot in the Robertson area. Birding clubs have sighted up to 92 bird species in a single morning on the farm.

The farm's special birding walk winds through different landscapes, including shaded riparian vegetation and rocky cliffs. The diversity of habitats makes the variety of birdlife quite exceptional.

Look out for the Tambourine Dove that may appear unexpectedly. If you listen carefully, you will hear the Greater and Lesser Honeyguides and the Olive, Cardinal and Ground Woodpeckers before you see them. There are also Paradise Flycatchers and a variety of kingfishers and sunbirds to delight the alert eye.