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Tangled Tree wines are Van Loveren Family Vineyards' tribute to our close relationship with nature. In keeping with this philosophy we chose packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Much time and dedication went into creating the packaging for the Tangled Tree range. We wanted to stay true to our word and create not only something that is beautiful to look at and hold, but that truly embodies the intention behind it.

The wine is bottled in PET and this minimizes the environmental impact in a number of ways:

  • PET, or polyethyline terephthalate, is an unbreakable thermal polymer that is also up to 80% lighter than glass. This makes wine in PET bottles ideal for consumption in the outdoors, allowing wine lovers to carry the bottles along easily and safely on hikes or for picnics.
  • It is completely recyclable.
  • The manufacturing process of these bottles has a significantly lighter carbon footprint (up to 75% less) than glass bottles.
  • The cartons used to transport the wine are also completely recyclable.