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SA on Biodiversity

Tangled Tree wines, like 95% of South African wines, are produced in one of the most bio diverse regions in the world. It is a privilege and a responsibility that we don't take lightly and a blessing that puts a rich palette of flavours at the disposal of our winemakers.

Van Loveren's farms are situated in the Cape Floral Kingdom - the smallest, yet richest, of six such kingdoms on the planet. This international biodiversity hotspot in the South Western corner of South Africa has more than 10,000 indigenous plant species - more than is found in the entire Northern Hemisphere.

This astonishing abundance is the result of geographical and climatic features that create a myriad of micro- and mesoclimates where plants have adapted and thrived. These climates also make the area an exciting playground for the viticulturist. The Cape winelands are influenced by two nearby oceans that create fog and wind. Steep mountain ranges create valleys with unique aspects and soils, and individual character.

The South African wine industry has embraced this diversity. Not only are viticulturists striving to act as responsible custodians of the natural treasures, but winemakers embrace the multitudes of winemaking possibilities it puts at their disposal. It allows them to make distinctive and exciting wines.

As part of environmental efforts, the industry has entered into a unique partnership with conservation bodies to create the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative (BWI), which earmarks 113,127 hectares of natural habitat on wine farms for conservation. This area is greater than the country's total vineyard footprint.