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If trees could speak, what stories they could tell!
This is certainly true of the botanical collection to be found in the tranquil garden at Van Loveren. Their tales would weave the chapters of a unique South African heritage – enticing chronicles of a family, of change and growth.

One of these is the anecdote of the Karee tree planted in the 1940's. Jean Retief had ordered a hardy Rhus lancea sapling from a nursery in far-off Natal. When it finally arrived by train at the tiny Klaasvoogds railway station, some local farmers recognised the tiny specimen as a Karee, a fairly common tree.

Jean however, disagreed and insisted the newcomer was what she'd ordered. To settle the dispute, her husband Hennie fetched a branch from a Karee growing by the river and planted it beside Jean's Rhus lancea. The two turned out to be identical.

Over the years the pair has grown entwined and become a symbol of enduring love, reflecting the life Jean and Hennie spent side by side on the farm.

These trees and their symbolism provided the inspiration for the Tangled Tree range of wines. The wines represent the commitment of the farmers and winemakers of Van Loveren to conservation, and the Retief family's deep respect for nature.