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The grapes for Tangled Tree wines are grown in vineyards that stand shoulder to shoulder with virgin vegetation of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Less than 50% of the land on the Van Loveren farms is cultivated, and more land is earmarked for conservation than for the planting of additional vineyards.

The landscape itself is captivating: defined lines of vineyards are set off against the paler, green mountain fynbos and rare Renosterveld. The Breede River hugs rugged hills beneath a crisp blue sky.

Baboons and small game like duiker often venture down from the hills while dassies (Rock Hyrax) rule the cliffs above the river. Leopard Tortoises (also known as the Bergskilpad) are frequent visitors to the vineyards.

In protecting this natural heritage, we work in conjunction with conservation authorities to rehabilitate the precious riparian vegetation along the river. The river is a lifeline not only for farmers, but also for scores of species, including small game, birds, fish, amphibians and plants.